Sermon #8

- 2/25/2019

Experiencing the Trinity

Sermon #8: Mutual Indwelling

Reciprocity (Means mutual exchange)

Theologians developed language to describe this mutual indwelling.

Greek term: perichoresis
What is it?

Remember: coherence without commingling or coalescence.



What does it all mean to us?

Can we truly be ‘holy?’ Yes... in Christ. On our own... no chance.

Can we accomplish what God wants us to accomplish?
Yes... in Christ. On our own... no chance.

1 Thess. 5:23-24

What’s the problem? _________________

The solution: John 15:4-5

Our challenge: We have to learn to ‘let it happen’ by restfully abiding in Him as He abides in us, can we bear much fruit and fruit that will last.’ (John 15:5,16)

What does it take?


Paul sums it all up when he writes: Galatians 2:20

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