Sermon #7

- 2/18/2019

The Springs Vineyard
Feb 17, 2019
Theme: Experiencing the Trinity: Particularity

Particularity: anindividualorcharacteristicfeatureortrait;peculiarity.

Atomic ‘worldview’: symbolized by a group of billiard balls.
Oceanic ‘worldview’: a worldview where the whole is what is important, not the individual components.
A Net ‘worldview’: a worldview where personhood is defined in ‘relationship’ or connectedness to everything.

Life within the Trinity which we are called to means:

To be is to be in relationship. We are relational beings interconnected and our persons are defined by the connectedness. AND
Particularity or otherness is essential to personhood. Each one of us are unique, different from one another and we always will be.

Why is all this important? 4 Reasons

1. Celebrating and enjoy all the particularity.

2. Our eternal form of existence will be in continuity with the unique body-soul-spirit person we are now.

3. Every individual matters to God.

4. God has a plan for each one of us as individuals.

Life within the Trinity is about celebrating particularity with gracious acceptance.

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