Sermon #5

- 2/3/2019

The Springs Vineyard
Feb 3, 2019
Theme: Experiencing the Trinity: Glad Surrender

1 John 1:4 10This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.

Self-sacrificing love describes the essence of how ‘love’ functions in the Trinity.

Each divine person is always denying Himself for the sake of the others and deferring to the others.

Glad Surrender describes how the love relationship within the Trinity functions.

In the fellowship of the Trinity self-giving and self-sacrifice equals self-fulfillment and unspeakable joy.

Self-giving and self-sacrifice is to describe how we are to love... God and others.

Self-orientation is so deeply entrenched in our culture. The Bible calls this ‘self-centeredness’, the ‘old self’, ‘the sinful nature’ or the ‘flesh’ and there is only one solution to root this out. Kill it.

Dying to self is both a crisis and a process.

Simple prayer: God, look deep into me... is there anything that needs to be surrendered (or surrendered again)?

Every time we face an opportunity to die to ourselves and demonstrate a willingness to live out a sacrificial, self-giving act of love... we enter into Trinitarian love AND

We will find our highest sense of fulfillment, our greatest fruitfulness and our truest sense of freedom.

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