Sermon #4

- 1/27/2019

The Springs Vineyard
Jan 27, 2019
Theme: Experiencing the Trinity: Joyful Intimacy

Being intimately in a relationship means:
Identifying with another person
Openly, honestly sharing what I am thinking
Openly, honestly sharing what I am feeling
Being utterly transparent (no hiddenness, no secretiveness)

Focusing on our relationship with God:  When the Spirit introduces us ‘creatures’ into union
with God and this love, it is unique for each one of us. And the experience is totally
subjective .

1) Intimacy/union with God involves an ‘experience’.
2) Each one of us will ‘sense’ and enter into the experience differently from one another.

Frank Lake: 4 dynamic elements of intimate relationship with God
1. Input: Acceptance
2. Input: Sustenance
3. Output: Status
4. Output: Achievement

So what do we take away from this?

Our challenge

We clearly need regular ongoing subjective experiences of the Father’s love being poured into

What gets in the way of experiencing God’s love? Wounds from the past where ‘love’ got

How do we know if we have to deal with these? Psalm 139 Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you
any barrier that is blocking God’s love.

How do you heal the wounds? Forgiveness.

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