Sermon #1

- 1/7/2019

The Springs Vineyard
Jan 6, 2019
Theme: Experiencing the Trinity

Thesis: The more clear and more accurate our vision/image of God is… the more an appetite and hunger will grow in us for Him. This hunger for Him will activate something deep inside us and result in a growing passionate seeking of God. A passionate seeking of a real authentic connection to Him will always result in a connection that will satisfy our hunger completely.

Wrestling with the ‘Trinity’ will lead us to a place where God will reveal more of who He is and what He is like and more importantly, God will invite us deeper into the experience of the Trinity. I believe that it is the experiencing more of God’s trinitarian being that will satisfy the deep hunger growing in us.

Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear oh Israel! Yahweh (I am who I am) is our God! Yahweh is one!

But... what does ‘one’ mean?

Gen 1:1 the creation narrative
Gen 1:26 Let ‘us’ make humanity in ‘our’ image.
The 3-fold priestly blessing Numbers 6
Isaiah 9: we looked at this one during advent. the baby born to a virgin, the Messiah, would display ‘everlasting Father’.
Mt 28:18-20

God has revealed to us through His three in one and one in three: At the center of the universe is a relationship. At the center of the universe is a community. Relationship and community between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is out of that community, that relationship that you and I were created and redeemed.
We are created and exist to be in relationship and community.

Major implications:
1. Relationships
2. Balance
3. Fullness

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