Sermon #1

- 12/2/2018

The Springs Vineyard
Dec 2, 2018
Theme: Advent: Developing More Hunger for God

Advent simply means “coming”. We celebrate the first ‘coming’ and look forward to the second ‘coming’.

Matthew 2:1-2; 9-12

What is ‘hunger for God? _____________________________________________________

What did the wise men expect?

What did they do?

Were they disappointed?

Rather than focusing on why we don’t have ‘more hunger’ or more appetite for God, we will focus on increasing our attention on the object of our desire/ache/hunger.

Here’s my thesis: 3 parts

1. The more clear and more accurate our vision/image of God is… the more an appetite and hunger will grow in us for Him.

2. This hunger for Him will activate something deep inside us and result in a growing passionate seeking of God.

3. A passionate seeking of a real authentic connection to Him will always result in a connection that will satisfy our hunger completely.

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